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Radley Raven

Lancilo Bow Tie

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Bridge the gap between cool & elegant with our Lancilo Bow Tie. Named from multi-talented artist Pharrell “Lancilo” Williams to match his upbeat music and true character. Made of authentic 1980’s Leon Kalajian Original 100% Silk Jacquard to give you an charming look of style & grace.

  • No. Produced | 5
  • Circa | 1980's
  • Origin | Leon Kalajian Original
  • Fabric | Silk Jacquard

Handmade in Seattle

All of our goods are handmade in Seattle from rare vintage fabrics. Each pieces is personally inscribed with the rich history of the fabric. Due to the vintage quality of our clothing there were only a limited amount produced for each. Giving our clothing an added layer of rare-value to give you the confidence of having a style unlike any of your peers.

  • No. Produced | 5
  • Circa | 1980's
  • Origin | Leon Kalajian 
  • Fabric | Silk Jacquard
  • Self-Tie 
  • Neck Size | Adjustable
  • Bow Width | 2.5"
  • Style | Butterfly

Accessories are smaller and lighter than regular apparel making them easy to ship. We suggest Priority Mail which will deliver your goods within 3 days from shipment at a reasonable price. As far as returns go, if my goods do not live up to your expectations send it back for cash or a new one.