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Parking, Like A Boss.

Posted by 73 on

marshawn-lynch-lambo We in Seattle love our Seahawks. We have stars like the outspoken Richard Sherman and the composed Russell Wilson. And then of course there’s Marshawn Lynch. This man defines the power move, on and off the field. Be it beast mode running or opting not to go to the White House, this man does what he wants, which is typically avoid people and eat Skittles. This week in the life of Marshawn Lynch, he shows us how to protect your $400,000 Lamborghini. While parked on a street in Oakland, Lynch used velvet ropes to protect his car from anyone trying to get a little too close. It’s a nice little slap in the face in the heart of 49er’s territory. Love or hate the man, you can’t argue that he isn’t original. It’s Marshawn’s world, we’re just standing on the other side of the velvet rope.

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