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Married to the MOB... Jimmy Hoffa, dead or alive?

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The mafia has had many influences on our society. Style definitely being one. More importantly however, apparel production and the formation of labor unions. Enter Jimmy Hoffa... James Riddle Hoffa aka "Jimmy Hoffa" was the legendary and controversial leader of the Teamsters Union. He joined the union in the 1930’s and rose to power over the next two decades claiming the presidency in the mid 1950’s. The mafia is thought to have a large part in his rise to fame. Apparently in his demise too. In 1975, shortly after the release of the first two Godfather films, Hoffa vanished without a trace. His disappearance has been a mystery for decades and a source of fascination for many. Is he living on an island somewhere or was he 'whacked' by the mob?

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