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Starting a Fashion Line: Bow Ties, Pocket Squares & Vintage Trimmings

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Fellow Urban Gentleman, Starting a fashion line is not an easy task. It takes great patience and persistence. It took me three years to get to day one. Here is how I started... My real name is Radley Raven. Yes, my parents were hippies, but who wasn't in the 70's. Either way, since a young age I knew that I wanted to create something cool and unique. Vintage goods have always fascinated me, along with the allure of our pastime and classic styles. It was back in 2009 when I had that 'aha' moment and figured that if I took vintage materials and turned them into something new & cool I could create goods that are really unique, vintage & rare. Since then, I have been buying vintage fabric from all over the world and turning them into bow ties, pocket squares and other vintage trimmings. The histories behind these pieces are incredible. Some come from old haberdasheries in Italy, others from Japanese collectors or US fabric mills that were closed in the 50’s. I find luxurious silks, wools, hand loomed cottons and velvets, some of which are 100 years old. It amazes me every time to rediscover many of these fabrics in beautiful condition and vibrant as ever. The fabrics may come from all over the world, but the goods are hand crafted right here in Seattle by craftsmen that have been in business for over 20 years. They are honest and care about quality more than quantity. It is of great fortune that I was able to convince them to make my goods. I personally inscribe the label and hang tag of every piece with this important information: circa date (estimated age of the fabric), country of origin, type of material and the limited number that were made, most often, few and far between. Although this takes a great deal of time and patience, it is important to me that I share this information with you. So when you wear a bow tie, pocket square or anything that bears my name, rest assure that you will be one of the few sporting it, there is history behind it and craftsmanship in it. I hope that you come to love these goods as much as I enjoy procuring and producing them for you. Thank you for reading, Radley Raven

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