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5 Boating Terms to Impress your Friends This #DearSummer

Posted by Radley Raven on

5 Boating Terms to Impress your Friends This #DearSummer

Global warming seems to be treating us right here in Seattle this #dearsummer. Here are 5 boating terms for you to brush up on before your next outing and a couple other tidbits to impress your friends with:

  1. Topside: Moving from a lower deck of a boat to an upper deck. (Hopefully all of us have this problem) 
  2. Port: The left side of the boat. Think port and left, each 4 letters. 
  3. Starboard: The right side of the boat.
  4. Corinthian: An amateur yachtsman. (Hopefully none of us have this problem)
  5. Cruiser: A boat with overnight accommodations
BONUS TERM ** Cadillacin': Sitting in one of the back seats of the boat while cruising at a good speed on the open waters. Other tidbits The 3 Running lights of the boat are as follows: Red: Port side. ( Left Side ) Think port wine and red. Green: Starboard side ( Right Side ) White: Stern ( Towards the back end of the boat ) I'll see you out on the open waters, bourbon is on me... Rad IMG_0411 Image: Boating in Venice

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