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That's Life, The Frank Sinatra Way

Posted by Radley Raven on

That's Life, The Frank Sinatra Way Sinatra In 1934 a young man got his very first drivers license, something that all of us remember as a pivotal point in our lives. He lived at 841 Garden Street in Hoboken, New Jersey; blue eyed, weighed 130 pounds, and would eventually grow up to be one of the most iconic singers in history. On his license they misspelled his name as Francis Sinatra, but at that point in life, Ol’ Blue Eyes was just another nineteen-year-old man. Now, eighty years later, Frank Sinatra’s license has been auctioned off for $15,757 to an unknown buyer. A 1940 letter accusing Sinatra of not paying for damages from a car crash he caused was also included in the auction. This story is a testament to the idea that great men have humble beginnings. Who could have guessed that this teenager would go on to become the icon that we know today? On that note, if anyone wants to buy my old license for a discounted rate before I become famous I’m taking offers.

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